Announcing the World's First Multiplayer Flash Game for the Wii Opera Browser

Compete with up to four of your friends to collect the most stars before time runs out. Catch a Falling Star, released 7/29/2007 is the world's first Flash game to feature four-player action on the Nintendo Wii Browser.

Wii: 1 to 4 players; PC, Mac Linux: 1 player
Controls: Simply use your wiimotes or mouse to point at the center of the stars.

Take the wheel of a bumper car and go head to head against three other drivers competing for tokens. Just make sure to collect enough to pay the fare for the next round. 4-way offline multiplayer on PC/Mac/Linux and the Wii. Use the Wii motion-sensing controls to steer and accelerate.

Wii, PC, Mac Linux: 1 to 4 players
Controls: Simply twist your wiimotes to steer and push and pull to accellerate or decellerate. On the PC, Mac or Linux , Player 1 point your mouse at the location you wish to drive. Other players use the keyboard.

Coming Soon
Asteroid Turret
Asteroid Miner Multiplayer

Sneak Peak
Asteroid Miner Mayhem Screen1
Asteroid Miner Mayhem Screen2
Pilot your tiny mining shuttle to fame and fortune across a fully destructible, endless universe. Face off with creatures, raiders, battlecruisers, planetary defence systems and more as you leave behind a vast trail of destruction.

Note: This game is still in pre-alpha, with major additions still to be added.
Single Player
Controls:Use the mouse to accelerate and orient your ship, fire you main weapon with the left-mouse button, fire your econdary weapon with the spacebar, change your main weapon with the Shift key, change your secondary weapon with the Control key.

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